Field to fork

Living from the land

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A simple way of life.

San Leonardo isn't just a holiday, it's a way of life. Find out more about our passion for self-suffiency and what makes our restaurant so special.

The organic goodness from the land.

We're proud to say that our restaurant produce is farmed organically onsite. For us there's nothing more satisfying than lifting naturally produced crops from the rich soil and preparing them for our guests the very same day. We even make our own olive oil and sulphate-free wine here on the farm.

We have a passion for healthy living and self-sufficiency and we work long hours to source the wonderful produce we serve to our clients.


Eat the Italian way

Evening meals are very special occasions here at San Leonardo. You'll be treated to traditional Italian family cooking, using recipes that have been handed down our family for generations. Our dishes are locally inspired and if you are famiiar with Italian cuisine, you will know that Cilento is home to some of Italy's most delicious variations of food. While the mouthwatering dishes keep on coming, you'll spend the evening laughing and chatting with the locals. Our restaurant is popular with the village residents so enjoy the experience and make yourself at home.

On our menu you will find our own home reared meats and poultry as well as hand picked vegetables and seasonal fruits.
Although our menu is land based and in keeping with the traditions of mountain cuisine, we are just minutes from the coastline and fishing zones of Palinuro, so delicious fresh shellfish is available upon request

Making the wine and the olive oil.

Harvesting our organically produced grapes is a special event. Cultivation starts towards the end of September, and the grapes are used to make our sumptuous sulphate-free wine. It's a wonderful experience and many of our guests love to give us a hand.

Our olives are cultivated in October which is a really important time for us. The timing and technique is essential in producing our delicious, organic extra virgin olive oil.

A family effort

The San Leonardo estate has been loved and nurtured by our family for generations. Get to know brothers Cristian and Mauro who look after the estate, and meet our wider circle family and friends who love to lend a hand. The little ones especially like to join in on the work!